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T0 file replaced my MP3 and now its gone and I can't find it MP3 file problems coolwrite 1 1

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I just purchased ID3 Editor and pulled in my first podcast episode to tag. After I did all of it, I went to exit and it asked me how it wanted me to save. I said save with the same name (thinking it would replace the old MP3 with the new tagged version). However, it replaced my old MP3 with a T0 file and my old MP3 is totally gone! When I reopen ID3 now it can't pull up that file and it gives me an error. The old MP3 is totally gone! And it was edited and produced by someone else who doesn't have the old file either. Help! How can I recover this? I looked in the recycle bin on my computer but not there.

Posted Oct 22, 2015, 4:22 am
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