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Update/Save Won't Work MP3 file problems tupelo 5 1

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Joined: Jul 16, 2010

After a trial period with everything working fine, I just bought ID3 Editor v.1.15.12 (2927).

Now the program will not update or save after making changes to the data.

When I click the update button - there's a quick screen flash.
When I hit command save or save from the menu - same thing.

When I try to close the edit window, a dialog window comes up saying something like, "Do you want to save changes . . .If not your changes will be lost."

Click yes, save - same quick flash and then it loops back to the same window - "Do you want to save changes . . . etc."

The only way to exit the edit window is to click "Don't Save"

This behavior is new. The previous trial version worked fine.

I used it quite a bit so I'm pretty familiar with the program, so I feel it's unlikely the problem is operator error (but ya never know.)

Any clues? Fixes?

I'd really like to use this excellent program, especially now that I've bought it.

Thanks for any help,

Posted Jul 16, 2010, 10:27 pm
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