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Importing Tag Data, Example(s) wanted on how to import
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I want to use the ID3 Editor to set tags using a Windows Batch file.

The information I want to set is easy to define the problem I have is its not clear how to best achieve this.

Another questioner was told its best to run it from a script file. But should I run the editor for each field I want to set or is there an easy option where I can set the data up in a text file and import that data as a single set.

Some sort of example would be very useful.

Can the command line interface take an '@' file like some programs do? Or can it take input from the standand input (piping with <file.txt)?


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Hi Martin,

You can set all the track fields at once by adding each of the fields using the appropriate argument e.g. -tr 01 -ti "a title" to set both the track number and the title.
If you are using a text file you will need to parse the file in the batch file and create the variables then pass these to the CLI. Although if you are using a default set of data, creating a tdf export and importing that would be easier.

If this is not helpful, could give me a specific example of use and I will do my best to offer a solution.

James Rae
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Posted Mar 25, 2019, 10:16 pm
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